Web Page Design – Critical!


Web Page Design

Linkedin emailed me with an update saying that never before is it more important for your web content design to look appealing and visually communicate effectively. Think about how you search, generally you will type in what you are looking for and hit the search button. Next you will look through the first page of website listings, going to every site and rating them compared to each other. How many were just crappy? How many were decent? And which one grabbed your attention, attracted you,

interested you and made you have a look around? And above all, which one of them made you feel like this was the right business to deal with?

Goldrush Advertising Branding & Marketing was formed because it was time to take the 16 years or so experience in the field and take on the challenge of working for myself. I have a BA in Fine Art and Design Communication Arts and have worked my way through the ranks in a wide variety of positions which have given me an overall view of the industry for nearly 20 years now. From networking, sales, planning, Art Direction, design, production, delivery and invoicing, I have had to take care of business. Why did I take on so many roles you ask? Well, if you were getting someone to build your house, who would you consider to be the best at their job? Someone who had been a carpenter, bricklayer, electrician, plumber, tiler, painter etc. or a sales representative who had not worked outside their desk? Building a business is the same as building a home, deep experience in a variety of areas within the Advertising Branding and Marketing fields are required to achieve successful results!

It has been quite a journey and as with any new enterprise there have been ups and downs, success and failure, and this is part of everyone's journey who takes the leap of faith and begins to follow their dreams. The ups and success have come from the people I have done work for directly, the downs have mainly come from those who wish to control and manipulate. My belief is that a team will always beat a single entity, you know your business and I know my field of expertise, when you combine the two and work together as a team big results occur!

Open and transparent communication is the key to success, those who seek to talk over the top of you are actually displaying weakness, they are afraid of you and wish to drown you out so they get constant attention, they feel threatened by others, good business is about making the right decisions, not people getting their own way. There is time for everyone in a meeting to have their say and it is important to maintain focus on one of the hardest things to do in life - listen! For it could be the receptionist who adds that little extra to the idea or plan that makes it a huge success.

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