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Planning is the most important stage for any Advertising, Branding & Marketing. Many people are just happy with an advert, brochure or website that doesn’t cost much, they revel in how much they have saved on their marketing spend. However, in spending the money, how much return was achieved and how long did the material looked tired and old hat in the marketplace? A well thought out strategy and implementation can go a long way to achieving results way beyond regular expectations.

Sure, we all have budgets, but taking your time & getting it right is better than hitting & missing all the time. Long term, getting it right will actually allow you to save you money or reinvest the savings to develop your marketing & grow.

Horses for courses is a good way to look at things. Creating marketing that suits the target market and delivering a message that evokes a response is the goal. Even if you only get an email address, in time the owner of that email address may become one of your most valued customers. There will be those who react and there will be those who like to think about things before deciding where or who to spend their money with.

Strategic Plan

The best plan, I hate to say it, will be like the plan the US had when invading Iraq, they did not have just a set plan, they had a “Flexible Plan”. This allowed them to change tact in the event of their enemy, or in a businesses sense, their competitor, changed the way they faught the battle. Same goes for Advertising, Branding & Marketing, go in with a plan but allow for a bit of ebb & flow when necessary. Visualise everything form optimum performance to worst case scenario and be prepared for everything in between!

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