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With lower operating overheads we have been able to achieve better prices for our clients, enabling them to save a bit or save and do a bit more with their marketing budget and in-turn create more sales or awareness for their business or company.

GoldrushABM looks forward to being compared to major Advertising Agencies, Marketing & Design Studio’s on price. It is a bit like the backyard mechanic being compared to one of the big automotive chains - Better service, workmanship, results and prices are the goals for us and our clients - you are not just another client, we want to do our best work and for you to be the best!

Every business has a budget when it comes to Advertising, Branding & Marketing, for most it is seen as the least liked and most unpredictable spend of the year.

If you don’t set aside a budget each year for Advertising, Branding & Marketing then be prepared to become over-run by your competitors who will.

Too many Marketing people try and dazzle you with all their over abbreviated terms that make it difficult to actually understand what they are talking about. But when you find the right person to explain it, and you begin to understand it more, then the door opens for greater insight into what, how, when and why that marketing budget is best utilized. Better still, working with someone who will explain it properly and gaining that knowledge as a business owner will actually allow for a better combined effort when at the planning stage. GoldrushABM knows what we do and you know your business. The combination of good communication and planning produce far better results, no one person makes Advertising, Branding & Marketing effective, this is a team effort!

Most people in business have acquired or developed some experience in Marketing. Some have worked for larger companies and used major agencies for direction whilst smaller operators have done some research or attended a seminar, workshop or simply done their homework. The secret now is to keep an eye on the the ever changing media technologies and it’s relation to your market audience. Admittedly the media environment is growing ever confusing due to technological advances in the industry, our job is to help you understand and work out the best possible solution for your business or company.

Finding the right balance for your individual business or company according to your budget and resources is the best one can hope to achieve. Even then you still have to keep an eye on what is going on in technology world - failing to do so could see your competitors swoop.

GoldrushABM will be only too happy to sit down with you or have a chat on the phone about your business and the current state of your marketing. We also provide the service to carry out an analysis of your marketing program and provide insightful suggestions to make every dollar you spend go further and last longer. Moving in the right direction is important and developing that path is essential.

One of the most overlooked marketing elements is artwork execution. Some businesses and companies are spending tens of thousands on advert placement, print, websites and all of the organizational budget to put these elements together, however, the artwork and message is being well overlooked and ends up not being anywhere near as effective as it could be.

Lets say you spend $6000 on an advert in the newspaper with 100,000 readership. Lets also expect 30% of that readership actually noticed it and 2% take action. Well, what if those numbers changed, what if 60% actually noticed it and 5% actually took action. The advert placement will still be the same cost but your overall return on that investment doubled or more!

The graphic design and message is also the most overlooked area when it comes to Websites. Most web companies are only concerned with profit and getting you up and running, development comes later, and at an extra cost. Spending the time to do some homework and research regarding the message could be the difference between the viewer being impressed or simply flicking to another page. Making sure you get the message and visuals right, or close to it, first time, is extremely important. Make no mistake, you can have the best search engine optimization (SEO) in the world, but if the viewer gets the wrong impression or is not attracted, interested or impressed then all of your SEO money is wasted!

You spend thousands on employees each year, a website works for you 24 / 7 / 365 and has no superannuation or holiday pay, be sure to give your website the attention and budget it deserves. Spending the extra time and money is critical in getting it right, or at the very least, as close as possible. Get it right and you will see immediate return on your investment or pay for the initial investment in the first year or two - I have seen this happen! Stuff it up and your potential online customers will remember you with the wrong impression!

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