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Another binding element that is very important right from the beginning, clean, smart graphic design that will allow the information or offer to be attractive, interesting, exude quality, emotion, action and be able to be clearly interpreted by the audience. Too many Business' and Companies get lead astray by over creative and elaborate graphic design and the message gets diluted or missed altogether.

However, something like the nightclub industry audience live for that kind of artistic saturation so there will be some fields that require indulgent graphic design treatment. As long as the message gets across or the information is readable then this is fine, but for the average business that needs to communicate effectively with their audience it is important to keep it simple to ensure marketing results.

Graphic design is a science, not personal or an indulgence, those who become too personal in this area will miss a lot of fundamental elements that are the ingredients of effective graphic communication. Colour harmony principles and typography are just a couple of areas that have great importance in determining the effectiveness of the results.

As many of you will have seen, the difference in skill levels in this field is vast. All you have to do to see how you are going is to grab all of your competitors marketing and see how you compare. Are the people you are dealing with for this service giving you market leading material, are they capable of achieving this or have you just been paying for average looking material? And when it comes to the cost for this area, once again the differences are huge, I have seen so many pay big sums for less than acceptable material, locked into a referral system or a friendship arrangement. This is business, performance is what counts, effectiveness in every area of your marketing is what will lead to results and achieving goals.

For your current spend on graphic design you can have market leading material that will take the fight to your competitors - you just have to have the right calibre people taking care of it.

GoldrushABM is a specialist visual communication outfit, we research the market and plan things before rushing into things, just one little bit of extra effort can lead to amazing results.

We have done work for startup business, revised established business and companies marketing material that years down the track still has the same style and format, why? Because it works!  Some small alterations and tweeks have been made but basically it it the same format and design - if it is not broken, don't fix it!

This is one of our strongest areas of marketing that we cater for, we look forward to hearing from you if your marketing material is getting hammered by your competitors or looking tired in the marketplace.

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