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There was a time when it was the artist who was the communicator. Lately I have seen all manner of middleman and salesman, mostly doing too much talking, a lot of them are actually from totally unrelated industries and employing staff to do the work who are cost effective instead of highly experienced in Advertising, Branding & Marketing. As a result the work becomes less effective and is more attuned to being creative as opposed to having an impact on the market, somewhere along the lines the message gets lost. As a youngster I grew up working with my father and grandfather in and around the trades. There was very little time for talking - there was work to be completed or getting paid became a problem, it was a no work - no pay situation. I carry that attitude with me in every job I take on.

Do good work or provide great service and people come back to you time and time again, we all know, repeat business is worth 100 times more than the fast buck and a bad reputation!

I am a hands on operator so you get to deal direct, as a result there is more time to do the work properly and at a much more realistic price, this has enabled me to go out on my own and build better working relationships and most importantly - spend the time to get the job right. GoldrushABM is about forming a business relationship that enables both parties to work together to create the most successful marketing strategies, marketing material and media plan that will in turn produce results in the marketplace, immediately and long term.

Getting your communication right!

Say it loud, say it proud is one way, but would this be right for your audience? Your business or brand will need the right look, feel and message for your audience, we spend the time doing the research to find the best way to achieve results for your particular business or brand. You can have the best idea in the world to achieve this, however, if the artwork execution is not up to scratch or your marketing strategy not well planned you will see your great idea achieve well below it’s potential, get it right and watch your business thrive beyond expectations.

The market in some instances may be playing ‘follow the leader’, so should you follow what everyone else is doing and play it safe? Quite often a situation like this can be a great opportunity to establish your business or brand as a market leader.

It’s a team effort that we look for to get the best possible results for each business we work with. The more work we do together, the greater combined knowledge we have of the audience, the products or services and how to get the best results. Reach your audience better, optimise your marketing spend, plan your marketing better and enjoy watching your business or brand grow.

The Backyard Mechanic who absolutely loves Cars!

Whilst I was working for some of the big players in Melbourne and Perth I soon realised just how much time was being wasted with politics and sitting around talking. I saw how much clients were spending also, not to mention some of the lies and backstabbing that was going on. Anyone who has worked for a large company knows what I am talking about. From seeing all of this Goldrush Advertising Branding & Marketing was born. After all, I was the one sitting there doing a lot of the work.

From an early age I always tried to find the Backyard Mechanic who absolutely loves Cars to work on mine. There was a special look in their eyes when they were talking about cars. It was far more than a job fixing cars for them - there was commitment and passion in their work, they simply loved what they do for a living and it is not even a proper job for them, it is part of their life!

GoldrushABM is committed and passionate about doing the best job possible. It is not about who is in control, it is about the results of each individual project that matters. If you are tired of all the talking and want to deal more direct with a hands on operator, then GoldrushABM would love to hear from you.

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