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Without a doubt this is currently the most overlooked of all aspect of web sites today, if you are an experienced web user then you will know just how many websites have crappy looking and hard to read content. If you are serious about really converting people or at least conveying your message clearly then this is one area you need to get right.

Sure, you have a great search engine ranking but just how many people go to your site and leave very quickly? How many stay on the site and just how many actually convert to a sale, email or phone call? You will be amazed at how people percieve you or your business online, make no mistake, this is your 24 hour shopfront - would you be happy walking into a business with a shopfront that looked like your website?

You have about 3-5 seconds to capture a viewer on your website, creating attractive, interesting and easy to decipher content is critical before someone becomes uninterested, uninspired, confused, unimpressed or annoyed with your website and continues searching for a more professionally presented competitor in the search results.

The stakes are high on the internet today and I see so many business' not allocating enough time to this area of their website. And to be sure, creating quality content and making it attractive and easy to interpret is no quick project. Be sure to think of it as a refining process, give it your best effort at the beginning but keep in mind that developing it over time will be the most effective process to achieve a quality outcome.

One strong advantage is having a website configuration whereby you can update the site yourself or in-house, if this is not the case then you will certainly need a budget in order to pay for this kind of resource. GoldrushABM creates cost effective content management system (CSS) websites and teaches you how to use them. The websites we create for you use open source code, which means freely available for anyone to use to build a website.

Also, there are huge number of video's that provide training on the internet for the particular websites we build. One of the most potent aspects of these websites is that the quality of these video's will also allow you to train staff so that you have more than one resource within your business to help manage your website. And as I write this article for you now I am thinking of just how easy it really is, if I can do it then anyone can!

If you wish GoldrushABM to create a website for you, we will certainly pay particular attention to the website content throughout the process, this is what we specialise in! Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss this, we have achieved some magnificent results in this area. Almost all customers have reported feedback from their clients, new clients, family and friends, most of it goes like this - "everybody likes our website, thanks for getting us a great looking website".

Some have not even needed to update their website look and feel at all and only need to tweek it now and then, others have simply started with a successful website and used that momentum to grow even more! Feedback like this is what keeps GoldrushABM hungry to achieve more and more and we dedicate a lot of time and effort to research to provide these kind of results!

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