The most common mistake when advertising is not paying attention to the visual message and eye-catching value of the artwork, these two must work together.

Advertising placement costs large amounts of money compared to the artwork for the actual advert. It is important to maximise your spend by getting the artwork and message right.

Week in, week out I see some companies spending huge amounts on newspaper or magazine advertising. The adverts look rushed and the message hard to understand, or worse, hard to read. You have a couple of seconds to grab a readers eye before they turn the page. Get their attention and your message read or waste your big bucks!

GoldrushABM has it’s own philosophy that looks at the overall picture of the message and how it is best communicated to the particular target market. You may have an established brand and the adverts just need tidying up, or you may wish to create and develop that brand further to achieve response on the audience and get the dollars coming in the door. If you don’t get it right then your competitors will be rubbing their hands together with joy!

The real key to success is integrating your message, information or offer across all media in an integrated fashion. It is the full force of a strong message that will win the day, diverse looking information and different  messages or offers on different media will lead to a lot more work. If you plan it from the start, your integration will make for some real power in the market and be more cost and time effective for your budget.

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