15 Free Platforms for Graphic Design Students


Those interested in graphic design are in luck because on the Internet there are many portals that offer free tools and resources.

Graphic design is an art that allows to communicate through images ideas, facts and values on diverse fields. As the famous illustrator Milton Glaser said, "There are three possible responses to a design yes, no and wow. We have to aspire to wow. "

In order to comply with Glaser, design students have different digital resources among which are the following:


To start we propose Drawspace, a portal where you access interactive classes of different levels. Depending on the technique you want to perfect you will have to enter one content or another.


The most interesting thing about this specialized social network is the possibility to disseminate the works that you finish. In Behance only the interaction between users is encouraged, it also allows to contact people interested in hiring designers.


It works in a very similar way to the previous option but with a peculiarity, Dribbble requires an invitation from someone who is already a member of the community. That way, although anyone can go in to look at the publications, not everyone can give visibility to their designs.


It is another of the websites that offer free tutorials on different design techniques. Learn how to handle watercolors, oil or acrylic paint to highlight your creations. ArtGraphica makes available to users other training alternatives such as e-book on art and illustration.

Deviant Art

It is one of the most famous design and illustration communities that exist. Those who enter it will have access to the work of the other members, interactive classrooms, etc. It is not necessary to be a professional with years of experience, in Devin Art there is also a gap for beginners and amateurs.


It is a Spanish digital publication that, although it spreads diverse content, pays a lot of attention to design. Yorobuko's articles and interviews will be very attractive and inspiring.

Exposure Guide

Graphic designers are aware of how important photography can be in their work. To acquire certain notions it is best to enter the Exposure Guide and learn what editing techniques exist, filters and resolution.


The page itself is defined as a scenario of inspiration for digital creatives. In DigitalArts is a space with English content where you will find articles, tutorials and also a specific section where to consult the portfolios of other designers.

Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal, Elance

These 4 platforms have in common their objective, to give visibility to professionals who want to make public their work between possible employers. Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal and Elance serve as a meeting point between designers and companies that need to hire personnel either to carry out a complete project or to incorporate them permanently.


This website offers a wide variety of tutorials and online classes. While all the content offered by Creativelive is not free, it is worth taking a few minutes to navigate the platform because it brings together more than interesting and great quality resources.

New York Museum of Modern Art

The MoMA has its own Youtube channel with videos on the main artistic references in history. Museum of Modern Art is one more option to complement your design knowledge of the hand of the great.

Google Art Project

Another page oriented more to the artistic area is Google ART project that includes a wide collection of images from different authors and eras. The tool allows you to share content on social networks.

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